Rockwood Gardens Apartments
51 Rockwood Circle - Rental Office,
Apt. 20A  Middletown, NY 10941

Schedule I-Attachment to Lease Agreement
These rules and regulations are a binding part of your lease. A violation of any of these rules may be seen as a failure to honor our lease
obligations, and consequently, you may be considered in default and subject to legal action under the lease and the law. 

I. General Policies

In our continuing effort to maintain Rockwood Gardens Apartments’ reputation as an attractive and enjoyable residence for all, we are
asking for your full cooperation with the following policies:

II. Storage Bin

Please bring your own key lock or combination lock to put on the storage bin that is assigned to your apartment number, the same day you
            pick up your apartment keys and pay your rent. By putting your lock on the bin at that time, you will have access to the storage bin, even
            if you move in on the weekend. If you do not bring in your lock, then we will not be able to unlock your bin for use, until our next   
            business day, during business hours, only. Do not store flammable materials in your bin. Grills are not allowed at Rockwood, and cannot be
            stored at Rockwood.

III. Tenants Insurance

A. As a service to our tenants, we want to remind you that you should consider the purchase of Tenant’s Insurance, commonly known as
HO-4. The insurance is to protect your personal belongings against hazards such as fire, water damage, theft, and vandalism, as well as
insurance for claims against you alleging bodily injury, and property damage liability. The Tenant’s Policy is a combination of forms of
insurance recommended for those who rent apartments. The cost of new furniture and clothing underscores the value of this needed
protection for your possessions. Please be aware that Rockwood Gardens Apartments does not provide any insurance coverage for
either your personal effects or liability inside your apartments, and we recommend you consider this insurance for your own protection.
B. In addition, you may want to inquire about additional insurance for your
      personal property in your storage bins.

IV. Window Treatment Policies
Please be aware that Rockwood Gardens Apartments’ policy regarding window treatments is as follows: A tenant is allowed to hang sheets,
blankets, newspapers, etc for one week following the date of move-in. After one week, these temporary treatments must be replaced with
blinds, shades, draperies, etc. The use of the above mentioned temporary solution is unsightly and detracts from the charm of our
community. If you are using theses temporary measures currently, please make plans to replace them with more attractive window

V. Moving

A. Moving in and out of apartments is permitted between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Trucks and vehicles are not permitted on
the lawns, sidewalks, etc. and are subject to towing at tenant’s expense without further notice. Any damage to the common areas,
grounds, or apartment, caused by moving will be charged to the residents account, payable at once.
B. Please consider your neighbors while moving in or out, do not make excessive noise, including banging, and loud talking, while
moving in, or any time. Always, observe the quiet hours provided for in the lease agreement.

VI. Damage to the Apartment/ Common Areas/Grounds

A. Tenants will strictly be held responsible for all damages to their apartments and to common areas and grounds. Tenants are also
responsible for any damage done by their guests. A written bill will be sent shortly after the damage is noticed and payment is
expected promptly. Further, maintenance that is required beyond usual wear and tear will be charged to the tenant. This includes, but
is not limited to, toilet back ups because of improper use, clogged drains because of improper food, waste and grease disposal in
drains, holes in walls, broken windows, cut countertops, torn or cut vinyl flooring, stained carpet, (cigarette burns and bleach marks,
B. Wallpaper, borders and paint, other than paint we provide, will be subject to additional damage fees. Please contact the rental office before making such
                     additions, so we can make a decision about approval or denial of the request.

VII. Vehicle and Parking Policies

A. Tenants owning more than one vehicle are required to park the second vehicle in the spaces designated as “Visitor” parking spots. It is
preferred that the second vehicle is not parked in visitor spaces directly in front of buildings. Guests of tenants should also park in the
visitor areas. Tenants and guest should park in the parking spaces within the lines. Please do not pull up behind cars, leaving the
vehicle blocking the driveway.   It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure all of their guests are informed of these policies to avoid
inconvenience to your neighbors. Frequent abuses or neglect of parking policies may be taken into consideration at the time of your
lease renewal. As well, we do not allow boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles, large trucks, trailers, certain commercial vehicles,
certain vehicles with business lettering, etc. to be parked on our grounds. This includes, as examples, inoperable vehicles, not in use
vehicles, or unregistered vehicles. If you are unsure whether a vehicle is permitted in our lot, please contact the rental office before
bringing the vehicle on site. We will enforce this policy, by towing the item, at the tenant’s expense, if the tenant does not comply with
any of the above.  The parking of motorcycles in basements and storage areas is also strictly prohibited.
B. Numerous cars, trucks and motorcycles are often found riding fast through parking areas and squealing tires while exiting the lots. This
is not only a danger to children and adults in the area, it is a nuisance to all. Please alert your guests to this concern, as well.
C. Again, if we find that particular tenants continue to disregard our policies, it will be taken into serious consideration at the time of
possible lease renewal.

VIII. Rockwood Telephone Lines and Emergency Maintenance Service

A. Our maintenance service line (845) 692-6315 is answered 24 hours daily for maintenance requests, and/or maintenance emergencies. 
                  The office will answer this line on Monday through Friday, from approximately 9:00AM through 5:00PM and Saturday from 9:00AM
                  through 3:00PM. This telephone line will be answered by an answering service for emergencies only, after business hours and
                  intermittently throughout business hours. If your call is an emergency, we will be notified by the answering service immediately. Please
                  do not call after hours or on weekends for emergency service if it is service that can be performed in normal business hours. See lock
                  out information in next category, please.
B. The office line, (845) 692-2939, should be used for questions regarding your lease, rental payments and any other “business” oriented
                  questions you may have. This telephone line is not turned over to an answering service after business hours. Your questions, however,
                  may be left on our answering machine and we will return your call as quickly as possible. It is crucial that you use the (845) 692-
                  telephone number for maintenance requests.

IX. Maintenance Service Requests

A. All maintenance service requests will be handled as promptly as possible. Requests should not be made directly to the maintenance
staff. Doing so will upset the system we have in place to best serve our residents. Requests for routine maintenance repair should be
made during normal business hours Monday thru Friday. Again, if you have an emergency maintenance request before office hours, call
(845)692-6315. Our answering service personnel will take your name, phone number, apartment number and relay your message to the
maintenance personnel.
B. Please do not contact us after normal business hours for non-emergencies. If we are called out on a call that is a non-emergency, the
tenant can be charged for the service call. Always leave your name and phone number with the answering service to allow the on-call
person to converse with you about your problem, ahead of time, if necessary.

X. Rent Payment and Returned Check Procedure

Rent is payable by personal check after your first month’s rent has been received. Checks are to be made payable to Rockwood Gardens
            Associates. Rent payments, security payments, and all other payments to RGA can only be made in the name of the tenant of
            record, whose name appears on the lease. Anyone moving in to the apartment who is not yet on the lease, must be approved by

XI. Bounced Checks, Late Payments
A. Should a check be returned to Rockwood from a bank for non-payment, a replacement must be issued immediately, in the form of a
money order, cashiers check, or certified check, including all additional administrative fees, bank fees and late charges. We reserve the
right to request all future payment by any of the three transactions methods described above. It is quite possible we will no longer take
personal checks once a check has been returned to us for non-payment. Cash is never accepted at Rockwood Gardens.
B. Rent is due and payable on the first of each month. If rent is not received by the fifth of the month, a rent arrearage letter will be
delivered to the tenant..  This letter will likely include a late charge.  At this time, if rent is not received within five days of the date of
the letter, with late charges enclosed, legal action will proceed with all legal fees, disbursements, damages, etc. being the responsibility
of the tenant. If evicted, the tenant could still be responsible for future rent payments, according to the lease terms and the decision of
the court.
C. We do report to the credit bureau all derogatory tenant credit history with Rockwood Gardens. This becomes a part of your credit
                  history records.  

XII. Lock Outs and Lost Keys (Non-Allowance of Deadbolt Replacement)

A. Lost apartment door keys and mailbox keys will be replaced at a cost of $25.00 each. If you need to change your apartment door lock,
there is $50.00 charge for the lock change and a $25.00 charge for each key.  Basement keys are replaced at a cost of $50.00. However,
we will not come out to perform this service or lock outs during on call hours, which are for emergencies only. Please never remove our
deadbolt from the door. This is a breach of the lease terms. Occasionally, a tenant may wish to have his/her deadbolt lock rekeyed,
which can only be done by Rockwood maintenance personnel. The charge for this is $35.00. If you get locked out of your apartment
during normal business hours, we will be happy to open your door at no charge, as soon as possible, provided you show us proper
identification. However, if you contact us for a lock out after normal business hours, we may not be able to give you access until the
next business day, during our normal maintenance hours.
B. For your safety, we do not give access to your apartment to any adult or child, not on the lease. In addition, we do not unlock doors for your children or
            visitors, unless we have written permission from you to do so.
XII. Laundry Rooms

A. Please note that our laundry room hours are as follows:
     Weekdays- 8:00AM to 10:00PM only
      Weekends- 10:00AM to 10:00PM only
     B. Tenants do live in apartments with bedrooms directly above the laundry rooms and the normal noises of laundry tend to keep people
awake at night. Please take this into consideration. Also, please be prompt in removing your laundry from the washers and dryers, as
other tenants should not be expected to remove your wash from the machines for you in order to complete their own laundry.
     C. Be careful of the condition and type of items that you put into the washers and dryers. Please be cautious that there is not kitty litter (if
and only if you are a tenant with a cat agreement and extra fees etc.) in rugs etc. that you wash. There have been complaints of
machines not being washed out after rubber-backed rugs and the likes have been removed. Kindly check the machine as you remove
your clothes, to see if you have soiled the machine in any way and courteously wipe it out for the next tenant’s use. Caution must be
used as to what debris is on your laundry in order to successfully maintain the laundry equipment. Misuse or neglect by tenants may
result in fees for damage done to laundry machines. Please do not put personal trash in the laundry room garbage containers. These
containers are only for laundry related trash.

XIII. Decks/Balconies

A. Decks are not to be used to hang laundry, wet towels, blankets, curtains, etc. nor as a storage area for items such as bikes, brooms,
mops to name a few. Food and beverage items should not be stored on the deck, as if it is a pantry.
B. If you choose to install flower boxes, please remember to have them hang on the outside of the railings, only. Water continually
draining onto the deck rots the wood. Be careful not to put potted plants directly on the deck. Continuous watering of these plants rots
the deck surface. Please be considerate of your neighbors’ deck if you are above theirs, by not pouring water or sweeping debris onto
their deck.
C. Residents shall not store garbage on their decks.
D. Please do not put any rugs or Astroturf materials on your deck. We will have to insist upon removal of such products, after our regular
inspections. There will be charges for any damages to deck wood.
E. We do not allow any large trellises or vegetable gardens on our decks.
F. No grills of any type are allowed on the decks or on the grounds, including electric grills and hibachis. Call the rental office for further
information about this policy.
G. We cannot allow birdfeeders or feeding of the birds on the premises, because it attracts them to the eaves of the buildings.
H. Please remember, if you are permitted to have a cat in your apartment (with extra fees etc.), it is not allowed out on your deck. Contact
the rental office about this policy.
I. All decks must be kept neat and clean.
J. Wind chimes can be annoying to tenants whose bedrooms are at the front of the building. Please consider your neighbors.

XIV. Handling Disturbances

A. In apartment living, hearing noises from your neighbors is unavoidable.  However, if you feel that the noises from neighboring tenants
are beyond normal limits and you are being disturbed please follow the procedures below:

1. Our policy is to have a tenant call the maintenance line (845 692-6315) while the problem is occurring. If you reach
the answering service, they have been instructed to relay the message to an employee on call. That employee will then go to the apartment of the
tenant  who complained, in order to hear the disturbance firsthand and assess the situation. If, in fact, the employee agrees that a problem does
exist, the employee will address the issue with the neighbor causing the disturbance. If continuing problems arise we will have logged all reports in
a diary with dates and times for use in case of the need for legal action. For this reason, when the police are contacted by tenants, it is
recommended that  you record the date, blotter numbers and officers names and badge numbers, for our records.* 
2. If a tenant has tried to solve the problem on their own without success and no longer has a productive relationship
with their neighbor to solve their complaint, we prefer to intervene to help keep the civility and peace among the neighbors. We ask that tenants
not use retaliatory measures when they are unhappy with a neighbor’s activities. We have much better results assisting our tenants to find a
solution if the above does not occur.
         3. If you find it necessary, please contact the on-call maintenance person and then contact the police, immediately, if a situation has
escalated to the point that police intervention is necessary. Depending upon the time of day and severity of the noise, the tenant who is being disruptive could be ticketed, if
the police are in agreement.  Please always ask for the officers’ names and badge numbers, in addition to a blotter number, for the incident. PLEASE GIVE THIS
EVENING. Please contact the Property Manager the next day to discuss this situation, even though you have probably discussed it with the person on call at the time
of the incident.

XV. Pet Policy

A. There are no pets allowed at Rockwood Gardens Apartments other than cats that are in a specific cat agreement rider to the lease, with
additional fees and procedures that are agreed upon in writing. An animal that is found in either the common areas or on the grounds is
subject to immediate removal by a member of the Rockwood Staff. Any animal found will be turned over to the town or an animal
shelter. An animal, which is not part of a specific cat agreement, will not be returned to residents. In the event that we become aware
of an animal living in an apartment, tenants shall receive written notice immediately that they have five (5) days to remove the animal
or eviction proceedings will commence. Any damage to Rockwood caused by the animal will be charged to the tenant. No visiting
animals or pet sitting is allowed at Rockwood Gardens Apartments.  If you will be having a fish tank containing 15 or more gallons, we
do require renters insurance on the tank.  Rockwood Gardens Apartments has to be listed as additional insured.  If you have any
questions, please ask a member of our staff.
B. Please do not feed stray animals. This practice creates noise and destruction, in addition to animals congregating in our dumpsters.

XVI. Orange County Recycling Requirements

A. Our waste hauler has informed us that they will no longer be able to collect our recyclables if there is even one contaminated item in
the dumpsters, including putting newspapers into plastic bags. This is true for the newspaper dumpster, and the mixed recyclables
dumpster, containing glass, and bottles etc.. Therefore, we must insist upon complete cooperation from each tenant in order for the
haulers to pick up the recyclables. Otherwise they will leave, without picking up. There are no exceptions for this policy because New
York State Law mandates that our container service follows this procedure. Below is a list of procedures and tips from Waste
Management and Orange County:


The following materials MUST be kept separate from the trash and mixed loosely in the recycling container.

NEWSPAPERS- should be bundled and tied with a string and pulled alongside your recycling container. If a heavy rain is expected before the
recyclables are picked up, you might want to hold the newspapers for the following week. Please do not put your newspapers in plastic
bags. (Apartments and business please place newspaper in designated cart)
GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS- remove caps and rise clean; labels DO NOT have to be removed. Clear, green, and brown glass bottles and
jars ONLY. Please do not place window glass, Pyrex, porcelain, ceramics, lead crystal, or light bulbs in the recycling container. Also, please do
not place any broken glass in the recycling container.
STEEL CANS- also referred to as “tin” cans include, for example, soup, vegetable and fruit cans. Please place only food and beverage cans in
the recycling container. Cans must be rinsed clean, but the labels do not have to be removed. The steel lids may be pt inside the cans. NO
ALUMINUM CANS- requires no special preparation, but should be emptied and rinsed. No aluminum foil, pie plate, aluminum siding or other
scrap aluminum allowed.

There are many different kinds of plastics. Nearly all food and beverage containers and many other kinds of plastic containers are no
labeled with the number 1 to 7 in a triangle. Our recycling program is collecting those foods and beverage containers labeled 1 (PETE) or 2

PLASTIC SODA BOTTLES- Clear and colored plastic soda bottles are being collected. Bottles should be rinsed, but labels need to be
OTHER PLASTIC BEVERAGE BOTTLES- This category of plastic bottles includes the clear plastic gallon milk bottles, bottled water
bottled, and other juice and beverage bottles. Bottles should be rinse, but labels need not be removed.

Orange County Recycling Procedures

These are the procedures to insure countywide compliance of the mandated recycling law. This law mandates all residents (single and multi-family
units), businesses, institutions, and industries. This law will include all cities town and municipalities in Orange County.
Listed below are the items to be recycled: all glass bottles, jars, cans, in one re-useable container. Newsprint as a separate item.
The preparation for these items is as follows:
Newsprint: Tied in bundles with strings. NO BROWN BAGS
Glass Bottles & Jars: Clear, green and brown glass must be emptied and rinsed without caps and rings. Labels stay on.
Tin & Aluminum Cans: All cans stay empty, clean, rinsed and label free.
Plastic Containers: Soda, milk, juice, shampoo, and detergent bottles labeled with a (1) PETE or a (2) HPDE must be empty, rinsed and
without caps.

Products to be separated for recycling:
Newspaper and plastics must be put in their own containers.
Steel, tin and aluminum can all be placed in one container.
Glass jars and bottles must not be bagged.

Glass Mirrors/ Window Pane/ Glass Door/ Windshield/ Light Bulbs/ Ceramics/ Crystal/ Pyrex/ Dishes/ Drinking Glasses
Tin & Aluminum Paint Cans/ Aerosol Cans/ Chemical or Hazardous Material Containers/ Coast Hangers/ Tin Foil/ Aluminum Foil/ Bottle or
Jar Lids/ Pots and Pans
Plastic Motor Oil or Transmission Fluid Bottles/ Foam Plastic/ Misc. Household Plastics/ Plastic Bags/ Plastic Bottles with a -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-, or
Newspaper/ Junkmail/ Magazines/ Paper Bags/ Phone Books/ Plastic Bags/ Dirty Papers

B. Again be reminded that the county has mandated this recycling program and forbids out trash hauler from picking up our garbage if we
don’t recycle. The county will inspect the garbage from time to time to check for compliance and will fine those who do not comply.
C. Our dumpsters are for resident and Rockwood staff use only. Please do not put regular trash in the recycle bins. We do not allow
                  anyone to go through our dumpsters for deposit cans and bottles, etc.. Please contact the rental office at once  if you feel anyone is
                  misusing these sites, in any manner.
D. Please do not leave large objects such as furniture and used appliances outside of our dumpsters. If you have a question concerning 
                  how or where to dispose of such items, please contact the office.
E. Trash cannot be left in the hallway, bin areas, decks, etc., even temporarily. Our employees are instructed to remove trash from these
                  areas and charge the tenant $25.00 per offense. In addition, do not use the laundry room trash containers or the winter sand buckets in
                  your hallways to dispose of your garbage.

XVII. Littering 

A. All personal items and/or property such as children’s toys, bicycles, furniture, etc. should be stored in your apartment or in your storage
bins, effective immediately. All common hallways are to be kept clear of refuse, furniture and all personal items of any sort at all times.
This is mandated to keep in compliance with the Town of Walkill fire and safety ordinances. Any articles found in the common
hallways or any other common area may be removed and possibly discarded by our maintenance staff. If we discover whom the item
belongs to there may be a charge for removing the item.
B. Garbage is to be placed inside the garbage dumpsters. Household garbage is not to be placed in common areas prior to being taken
outside. Garbage should be  removed from your apartment in a timely manner. See recycle information attached for specifics on using
correct dumpsters for newspaper, and another for glass, steel, tin, aluminum, plastic containers, and the regular dumpster for all other
garbage. Please close side doors of dumpsters, and when possible close top lids, to keep animals out of dumpsters and to keep litter
from spilling out.
C. It is not permissible to leave cigarette butts in the common areas of your building, or to dispose of them on the outside grounds. These
areas include mulch and stone landscaped areas. Not only is this practice unsightly, it is a potential fire hazard. Please be cautious if
smoking on your deck, use ashtrays and be certain the cigarettes are completely extinguished. Allow the butts to cool, then dispose of
properly.  We are also asking for your cooperation to prevent the careless tossing of candy wrappers, chewing gum wrappers, or any
other type of small debris form littering the grounds. Please take time to dispose of these items properly. This includes not using the
sand buckets that are placed in the hall in the wintertime. These are not trash cans. Please inform your children and your visitors of
these rules, and all other rules.

XVIII. Snow Removal
Residents must cooperate with established snow removal procedures. Maintenance Staff will plow the driveways and parking areas shortly
after the end of a snowfall. All cars must be moved from the parking areas in a timely manner as we notify the tenants that we are plowing
their buildings spaces. If you are going away during the winter, leaving your car in a parking space, you must make arrangements to have
your car removed in the event of a snowstorm. Vehicles not moved will be subject to towing at tenant’s expense, including visitor’s
vehicles, without further notice. Please be careful when removing snow from your vehicle not to create a further problem with snow in
your parking space. 

XIX. Drains and Toilets

Please only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Please do not flush kitty litter down the toilet, even if the product says that it is flushable.
Also, please do not flush feminine sanitary products, including those that say that they are disposable and flushable. This is very important
because of the sewer system and volume of use. Also, please be careful of what goes down your sink and shower drains. Please do not
dispose of grease, food, hair, or any other objects in your sinks or shower. If we discover who is responsible for the backups we will have to
charge the tenant for damages. Remembering to do these things now will prevent unnecessary interruptions in service later.

XX. Children’s Behavior Policies
A. In the past, our maintenance personnel have observed children playing with our water spigots. Many of our spigots have water timers on
               them to water flowers on a regular schedule. Please explain to your children the importance of them not touching these spigots. It could 
               destroy the timers and hoses, along with the landscaping, which will not receive water. If we do observe children participating in this 
               behavior, we will contact their parents. Damages will become the responsibility of the parents. In addition, parents are responsible to
               monitor their children’s whereabouts and behavior at all times. Children are not to play in plant beds or stone beds alongside buildings.
      B. Please remember that apartment living requires consideration of all neighbors. We do supply two playgrounds that should be used by
children. Common hallways and basement areas are not play areas at any time.
     C. Playground areas and the field opposite Building 71 provide ample space for play.
D. Rollerblading and skateboarding are not permitted on Rockwood property.
   E. In addition to children tampering with our water timers and spigots, we ask all tenants and their visitors to not detach timers, hoses, etc. in order to wash cars,
              etc. Our landscaping could suffer if we do not have the scheduled watering.

XXI. Security Deposit Refunds

Apartments will be inspected for damages shortly after the tenant vacates the apartment. Security deposit refunds will be made in the
names of all tenants on the lease. In no event will we issue separate checks. It is important that tenants give us a forwarding address.
Failure to give a forwarding address will delay return of tenants security deposit refund. Cleaning and damage charges, along with any other
fees, will be deducted from the deposit. Security can never be used as rent payment.  Please refer to your lease for further security
deposit information, including the time frame in which security is returned.

XXII. Suggestions

We welcome all constructive criticism of any policy we have and we welcome suggestions for improving the overall quality of living at
            Rockwood. Please feel free to contact the rental office personnel with your thoughts.

XXIII. Rockwood Staff

It is the policy of the owners and management of  Rockwood Gardens Apartments  that our staff be responsive and courteous to our
residents. If you feel this has not been the case please contact either the Rental Office at (845) 692-2939 or you can call Erica Arbron,
President at (203) 322-7170.

XIV. Changes to Rules and Regulations
The landlord reserves the right to change and /or add to these rules and regulations.

As reviewed by all tenants of record, the foregoing is attached hereto as a rider as Schedule 1, containing further Rules and Regulations, specific to
Rockwood Gardens Apartments, which are hereby made part of the Lease Agreement. Any violations to these terms will be considered a failure to
honor our lease obligations, and consequently you may be considered in default and subject to legal action under the lease and the law. 

I have reviewed the Rules and Regulations and I understand all of the terms, as set forth.

AGREED:_____________________________________       __________________
                          TENANT                                                                    DATE

AGREED:_____________________________________        __________________

ACCEPTED BY: _______________________________    __________________
     Andrew Newcomb, Regional Manager    DATE
    on behalf of the Landlord
Phone: (845) 692-2939
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