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Resident Handbook


Rockwood Gardens Apartments Management
President- Erica Arbron
Property Manager- Linda Meath

About This Handbook
This handbook is designed to answer some of the more common questions we receive from our new residents here at Rockwood Gardens Apartments. If you have questions after referencing this handbook, please call us at the management office.

Welcome to Rockwood Gardens Apartments
We are pleased that you have selected Rockwood in Middletown as your home. Rockwood is conveniently located in the Town of Wallkill, in the Pine Bush School District, and is in close proximity to Orange County Community College, shopping, recreational facilities, and train and bus services.

As management and staff it is our job to ensure your tenancy is a pleasant one. We take pride maintaining a pleasant environment for all of our residents.

If you have any questions concerning the complex or the Middletown area please feel free
to call the management office during normal business hours.

Security and Rent Payment
All security due and the first month's rent must be paid prior to tenants receiving keys to their apartment. There are no exceptions to this policy. These payments must be made in the form of money order, cashier's check or certified check. There is no cash or credit cards accepted. Personal checks are allowed for rent payment after the first month.
Rent is payable by the first of each month, after your initial rent check at move in. Checks are to be made payable to Rockwood Gardens Associates. Rent payments checks, etc, can only be made in the name of the tenant of record.

Bounced Checks, Late Payments
Tenants are able to pay by personal checks beginning the second month of the lease term. However, should a check bounce, then replacement must be made immediately in the form of a money order, cashiers check, or certified check, with additional late fees and bank fees, included. We reserve the right to request payment by the above three transaction methods, not including personal checks, for all future rents, should a personal check be returned to us for non-payment. We will never redeposit a check a second time, but instead follow the above procedure. Cash is never accepted at Rockwood.
Rent is due and payable on the first of the month. If rent is not paid by the fifth of the month, a rent arrearage letter will be delivered to the tenant. At this time, if rent is not paid within the five days, with late charges, legal proceedings for rent payment and possibly eviction will proceed with all legal fees, disbursements, etc, the responsibility of the tenant. If evicted, the tenant could also still be responsible for future rent payments, according to the lease terms.
We will report late payments, non-payments and judgments to the credit bureau to become a part of a tenant's credit history.

Your mailing address is:
(Bldg. #) Street name, Apt. (Apt.# )
Middletown, NY 10941

Upon moving into your apartment, you may want to post your name on the mailbox for the postal carrier. This can be discussed further with the Post Office.

Helpful Numbers and Addresses

Orange and Rockland Utilities
PO Box 1005
Spring Valley, NY 10977

Telephone: 877-434-4100

Time Warner Cable
25 Industrial Drive
Middletown, NY 10941

Telephone: 800-431-8878

Citizens Communications
19 John St.
Middletown, NY 10940

New Service-Residential 1-80-921-8101

New York State Police
55 Crystal Run Rd.
Middletown, NY


Town of Wallkill Police
600 Rte. 211E
Middletown, NY 10941

Telephone: 845-692-6757

Dial-Bus Service
Town of Walkill
Middletown, N.Y. 10941


Silver Lake Fire Dept.
26 Maltese Dr.
Middletown, NY 10941

Telephone: 845-342-0416

US Post Office
731 Rte. 211E
Middletown, NY 10941

Telephone: 845-692-0970

Electricity, Phone and Cable

You are responsible for contacting the electric company at least a week prior to your move in date to set up electric service in your apartment.

The circuit breakers for your apartment are in the kitchen on the short wall that the phone jack is on.

If you have any problems with your lighting, GFI'S and/or electricity, please call the maintenance number.

You are responsible for calling the phone company to turn on your phone. We will provide you with the information they will request, at the time of lease signing .

Discuss problems that may arise with your phone service, phone jacks and phone equipment with the phone company.

Each apartment is equipped with the cable jack in the living room. Some apartments may have cable jacks in the bedroom. We are unable to give the cable company written authorization to make any holes in walls or flooring. Any damage to the apartment remains the tenant's responsibility.
You are responsible for calling the cable company to arrange for your cable service, when you are home. If you are having Saturday installation, please contact us, first, at least 48 hours in advance, to be certain someone will be available during our business hours on Saturdays to give cable installers access to necessary locations in our basement areas. It is preferable that cable installation is done in our normal business hours. We apologize, but there are no evening hours after 4:00pm weekdays, and Saturdays, starting at 9:00am and no later than 2:30pm, but, sometimes the rental office closes earlier.

Window Measurements
Please measure your apartment's specific windows for all window treatments including , levelors, curtains and blinds, etc. These are not exact measurements-Measurements vary somewhat with each apartment-use these measurements just as a guide, please.

*Ground floor apartment window lengths are different from below lengths. Please ask to measure your apartment windows.

1 Bedroom Apartment
Living Room and Bedroom:
Length to sill- 96"x48"
Length to floor- 96"x84"
Sliding Door- 72"x84"
Bathroom and Kitchen (if applicable): 36" x 36"

2 Bedroom Apartment
Sliding door: 72"x84"
Dining Room and Small Bedroom:
Length to sill- 60"x48"
Length to floor 60"x84"
Master Bedroom:
Length to sill- 72"x84'
Length to floor- 72"x84"
Kitchen and Bedroom (if applicable):

Storage Bins and Bin Locks
Please bring your own key or combination lock to lock your apartment's assigned storage bin
The same day that you pick up your apartment keys and pay your first month's rent. By putting your own lock on your bin you will have immediate access to your bin, upon your move in date, even if you need to use it on the weekend. Do not leave your storage bin unlocked or we will lock it with one of our locks for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, if you do not bring in your lock, then we will not be able to unlock your storage bin for use until our next business day, during business hours, only.
Do not store flammable materials in your bin, including motorcycles, flammable materials, including flammable paints, etc. These bins are not to be used as workshops. No grills other than our park grills are allowed at Rockwood, and no grills can be stored at Rockwood.

Basement Door Locks
The doors to our basements are locked for security reasons. When you receive the basement key, you will sign a form stating that if you lose a basement key, there is a $25.00 charge for replacement of the key, Please try to keep it on a ring that is easily located, since we have had several tenants misplace these keys at a replacement cost to them. Also, we may have to change the whole locking set up in a basement if key is lost. For everyone's safety do not leave basement or entrance doors propped open. Unfortunately, this also allows animals to enter the building, including skunks, woodchucks, birds, mice etc.

Drains and Toilets
Please only flush toilet paper down the toilet. Please do not flush kitty litter down the toilet, even if the product says that it is flushable. Also, please do not flush feminine sanitary products, including those that say that they are disposable and flushable. Q-Tips cannot be flushed down the toilet because they eventually block the system.

All of the above precautions are very important because of the sewer system and volume of use.
Please do not use any toilet drop-in cleaning products in toilet or tank.

Also, please be careful of what goes down your sink and shower drains. Please do not dispose of grease, food, hair, or any other objects in your sinks or shower. If we discover who is responsible for the backups, unfortunately we will have to charge the tenant for damages. Remembering to do these things now will prevent unnecessary interruptions in service later.

Apartment Door Locks and Keys
We do not allow deadbolts to be changed on our doors. However, if you would like to add a doorknob key you can do so, provided we are given a key to keep in the office, in case of necessary emergency access needed to your apartment. Lost keys are $25.00 to replace.

If you are locked out of your apartment in normal business hours we will let you in, provided you have necessary identity proof credentials with you. However, if you contact us for a lock out, after business hours, we will not be able to give you access until the next business day.

For your safety, we do not give access to your apartment to any adult not on the lease. We also do not unlock doors for your children or for visiting relatives, unless we have written permission from you to do so.

Moving in or out of apartments is permitted between the hours of 8:30am and 6:00pm. Trucks and vehicles of any type are not permitted on the lawns, sidewalks, etc. and are subject to towing at tenant's expense without further notice. Any damage to the common areas, grounds or apartment caused by moving will be charged to the resident's account, payable at once.

Please consider your neighbors when settling into your apartment by observing quiet hours provided for in the lease For example, loud music, talking, hammering, running of dishwasher, etc. will be disturbing to your neighbors.

Residents may park only lawfully registered, inspected and operational passenger vehicles in the parking areas. Vehicles registered and operational, but not in use are not to be stored at Rockwood. No vehicles may be repaired or stored on the premises. Vehicles violating other posted parking rules or other rules distributed to residents during the lease term or impending snow removal, or parked on the grass, unless permission to park on grass is given in writing by Lessor, may be towed at the owners expense without additional notice. Visitor spaces are not designated to any specific resident or unit unless so designated in writing by the Lessor. Granting the right to park does not warranty Lessor a parking space. Visitor spaces are on a first come first served basis. Tenants owning more than one vehicle are required to park the second vehicle in the spaces designated as "Visitor" parking spots. It is preferred that the second vehicle is not parked in visitor spaces directly in front of buildings. Guests of tenants must also park in the visitor areas. Please do not double park vehicles. As well, we do not allow boats, motor homes, recreational vehicles, large trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers, etc to be parked on our grounds. This includes inoperable or unregistered vehicles. The parking of motorcycles in basements and storage areas is also strictly not allowed.

Snow Policy
During snowstorms, we will attempt to keep the main driveways open. Once the storm is over, all vehicles must be moved to plow the parking spaces. Staff will direct you concerning when and where to move your vehicle. However, if you see staff beginning to work in front of your building , please ask what the procedure is for that day. Please be cautious when wiping snow off your vehicles, not to pile it into newly plowed spaces.

*If you are planning to be away or sleep days, please make arrangements for someone to move your vehicle. Our staff is not permitted to move resident vehicles.

Submitting Maintenance Requests
( see the maintenance request form )

When you have a maintenance repair you can call the management office at 845-692-6315, during normal business hours. If you have a maintenance emergency after business hours call the above number, also. The maintenance emergency number will be answered after hours by the answering service. Please be certain to give them your name, apartment number and telephone number, along with a description of the emergency Do not call the rental phone number for emergencies, because that line is answered only by an answering machine, after hours. Non-emergency calls will not be addressed after business hours.

Emergency repairs will take priority, even during business hours and be handled first. Non emergency repairs will be handled as quickly as possible.

We will do our best to make repairs within 24 hours. If this is not possible, we will keep you informed concerning when the repairs will be made. If you have not heard from us for any reason, please contact us, at once.

Barbecue Areas
There are many locations throughout the complex with grills and picnic tables for your enjoyment.
These are for use on a first come, first served basis. Please use the trash receptacle provided.
Please clean the grills and picnic tables after each use for the next tenant's use. Make sure not to leave anything behind, as items left in the area will be considered abandoned and thrown away.
You may not use a grill of any type, other than the park grills we provide, anywhere on our grounds. This includes all lawn area, sidewalks, and decks. This will be considered a violation of your lease agreement

Laundry Rooms
There are laundry rooms in each building.

Hours for the laundry room are posted in the laundry room and our subject to change. Please be sure to leave enough time for your last load to dry before laundry hours end, so your laundry won't be locked and stored overnight.

Laundry Machine Use:

All machines are coin operated. The cost is subject to change. Please wipe down machines after each use.
Do not use machines for heavily soiled laundry or laundry that could destroy the machines or leave any residue.
Please do not wash excessively large loads in the machines.
Please remove clothes promptly to allow others use of the machines.
Rockwood is not responsible for articles lost, damaged or stolen from laundry rooms. Do not leave laundry for extended periods in the laundry room.

Trash and Recycling
There are dumpsters throughout the complex for our residents' use, only. You are responsible for bringing your trash and recyclables to them.
We also have recycling facilities throughout the complex. Please take care to not put trash in these containers. Please read the recycling guide carefully. The waste company can fine individuals for improper dumping. We do not allow anyone to go through our trash for deposit cans, etc. We do not allow anyone outside the Rockwood community and it's employees to dump trash in our containers. Please contact us if anyone is misusing these sites, in any manner.
Please do not leave large objects, such as furniture, etc, outside of our dumpsters. If you have a question about how to dispose of an item, please contact of for information. There is also a town dump that you have access to. You can contact the town or inquire at the rental office for further information. You will need to get a town identification card to use the facility. This identification card is beneficial for other purposes, as well, such as summer camp for children, etc.
Please discard of garbage daily from your apartment for cleanliness reasons. You may not leave trash in your hallway, in your storage bin or on your deck, even temporarily. Our employees are instructed to remove trash from these areas and charge the responsible tenant $25.00 per offense. In addition, do not use the laundry room trash containers for personal trash. Also, when sand buckets are in the hallways, please do not throw your trash into the buckets.

Some Things to Remember
Use only liquid dishwasher detergent in your dishwashers.

Do not throw grease, food, Q-tips or foreign objects, including supposed flushable tampons down your drains or toilets. Do not use toilet drop in cleaners in toilets or toilet tanks. Tenants will be charged for damage

The air conditioning is charged to your electric bill so use it wisely. Any questions about the use of air conditioners, please call the office.

Do not feed stray animals, including stray cats. Animals the congregate in our dumpsters and behind our buildings. It is costly and difficult to remove these animals from the premises.

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